Yang Ying's reflection

Pre-camp (23 May, Monday)
I find that this project is interesting as students at a young age get to do programming with a robot provided for us. Most students do not have the chance to be exposed to such things at such a young age. Having such an opportunity is a real chance to showcase what we can do. From this project, I have learnt how to program and operate a robot. A question that I have is that is any general knowledge about programming the robot required beforehand?

First Day (24 May, Tuesday)

        After a long ride to NTU, we had breakfast with the food the teachers gave us. After having breakfast under a shelter, our group then headed to "Hardware Lab 2" to meet our lecturers and student helpers. Our lecturer, Mr Ravi Suppiah, introduced himself and the student helpers. They were really friendly and patient and teaching us how to program the robot. After the long morning of learning the basics of programming, the teacher then brought us to the canteen to have our lunch. After we came back to the lab, we then received challenges from our student helpers and each member needed to be in charge of each maze. We then programmed the robot and tried out the maze several times. 

        From this activity today, I learned that perseverance is an important virtue in programming. It may be hard at first, but after a long while of perseverance, you will finally get the hang of it and it will be quite fun. At first, I thought that programming was easy as I could understand everything in school during ICT lessons. However, after this project, I realized that programming is actually not that simple as I thought it would be. Programming in NTU got to a next level as it was really hard to understand it at first. However, after the first day of activities, I finally understood the basics of programming this robot and found it really interesting. 
        From today's activities, I learnt how to help others. When my group mates are in need and do not know how to do or program the robot, I would offer a helping hand and aid them along the way. Even when members from other groups need help, if they need help, I would surely help them willingly. 

Second Day (25 May, Wednesday)
        We continued to do our challenges and the finishing touches. After each group has completed the programming for each robot, a challenge was held and we were in second place. However, there was still hope as there was a finale challenge, which was the hardest challenge of all. Even though we did not manage to program the robot accurately, we had a fun time.

        I learned that being resilient is helpful and teamwork is important in a team. Without teamwork, things cannot be done. Two brains work better than one and four brains together would surely be able to get the work done faster. However, being resilient is important as this is a trial-and-error activity. This project has made me feel more confident and has made me think more about what I am doing. 
        It has been another fun day at NTU and I am sad that the program has ended. However, there are still prize presentations for us tomorrow and I am looking forward to them.
Third Day (26 May, Thursday)
        From today's project sharing sessions, I have learnt about the other projects such as the construction of DC motor, building a flying machine and the Put-Put Boat. I found the Put-Put boat project quite interesting and how it could actually move without any wind or motor. Through this NTU-SST Flagship programme, I have understood many different concepts. Science can not only be learnt through textbooks and pen and paper, but it can be learnt through interesting hands-on activities. These hands-on activities also helped me to make three different new friends and I am very happy to have met them.

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