Min shen's reflection


I am interested to find out how to program a robot such that it is able to avoid obstacles in its way and complete the objective given to it. It has always fascinated me on how robots are able to repeat a single process continuously without stopping. I think that we will learn the fundamentals of programming and the basics of building a robot. I do not have any immediate questions but I am sure that this programme will be an interesting one.

Day 1

Today we learned programming language for our robots and we also did a simple first maze where we had to make a robot go forward, turn right, go right, turn around, go left, turn left and return to the start line. I felt that the lessons are interesting and interactive as they are mostly hands-on activities.

Day 2

Today we did more mazes individually. We also did a group maze which, despite the team's best effort, we were unable to complete. I learnt teamwork as we needed to learn to work together with strangers that we have not met before. I still do not know what programming language we are using.

26 May 2016

I learnt the fundamentals of programming from my lecturers, teamwork as I had to learn how to work with people I have never met before and perseverance as we had to overcome the many bugs and errors in our coding. I felt that this programme has been a meaningful one and that I would certainly recommend this programme to future Secondary 2 students.

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