Alex's reflection


I am very excited and ready for the camp.As i find robots and programming very interesting and fun yay! I can learn how to work better with people from other classes and also learn how to program and use robots.

24 May 2016
I was happy and excited as this camp taught us many things such as moving the robot to where we wanted to and the codes, which only few people are taught these things.
In the morning , we were going through lessons to learn how to properly code and program our robot.
In the afternoon however, we were given each member a race which we had to program our robot to go through by the various methods taught to us in the morning.Though at first i was slow to learn and had difficulty learning what to do and how to program it, my team and other friends patiently taught me how to program it. This taught us the importance of friendship and also teamwork.But soon we were dismissed and awaited for the second day of our camp.

25 May 2016
We were rushing in the morning as we would have to complete the maze in about an hours time and i still had not finished my codes.However  by support from my teammates and various tests , i managed to complete the maze and even get the second highest for my maze of 44 /50 ! .Our team managed to clutch the 2nd position at the end of the competition.However in the afternoon, to our dismay a second more challenging maze took us by surprise! Although by the end of the day, we did not manage to win, we still had a lot of friends and i made a lot of new friends such as Ryan. Its sad that this program is ending but at least we had many good memories were mad and we had a good time here.

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