Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Group 5-2 Reflections

24th May 2016
We were in a new environment and did not know anyone in our group well enough to be considered friends when we first started, so, naturally it would be a bit awkward. However , as the day went by and we learnt more and more about how to program robots , those in our group that learnt faster , taught the ones that were slower how to program it .This way, we slowly bonded and started to become more open to one another and also started to be friends.
In the afternoon,we had to do a maze challenge.There were 4 mazes and each member had to do 1 maze. We split up the work and chose which maze we wanted to do. However , some had more difficulties than others about how to program and to control our robots properly.However, no matter how tough the challenges are, if we work as a team , we can overcome the challenges.Those better in programming helped those who were unsure of how to do the challenge and soon we were ready and set for the challenge and left only a few things left to do that we had no time to do.

25th May 2016
In the morning, we hurried and completed our robot for the competition.Through many testing and many trial and errors, we were finally ready to go! When we got our turn to do the maze, everything went wrong. The robot was positioned wrongly and there were still some errors to the codes. However, with our second attempt, we promptly recoded the robot and at the end of the competition, we managed to win second place !
However, in the afternoon a second challenged was given to us. We tried our best to do it and had many trial and error test , however in the end, we were short of time and forfeited the competition.But that did not leave us with heavy hearts as although we forfeited, at the end of the day we felt like we were very refreshed and happy that we had signed up for this program.As not only is it interesting but also it helped us build greater bonds and friendships with one another.

This is SST -NTU 2016 Project 5 Group 2 blog!
Group leader: Tay Yang Ying
Members : Ryan Ng,Alexander Aw, Yu Min Shen